About Us

“Success of our client is the success of our organization.”

Techmind Solutions is a tri-state based consulting and staffing firm that can provide you with best resource available at very low and reasonable rates .We are a team of individuals with diverse skills, each one of us continuously exploring our latent potentials and contributing to the fast evolving definition of an optimum combination of skill and intelligence in individuals and in a team. Our strength is our innovativeness and the capacity to learn. Every client that we serve, every project that we undertake, every assignment that we complete adds to our growing skills and the desire to do better than the last time pushes us good steps closer to realizing our goal of excellence.

We improve the client’s business performance, creating long-term, win-win relationships and focusing on execution, excellence, and client satisfaction at Techmind, We continuously seek to identify and acquire and hire the highest caliber professionals to our team who possess strong functional and technical skills and expertise at the Program and Project Manager, Business Analyst and Business levels along with strong business acumen and excellent communication and presentation skills.

Techmind has professionals who are passionate about what they do and where they are going- personally and professionally. We manage the flow of every project which comes to our company and do not allow extraneous detail to override the goals of the program. Techmind has provided a comprehensive range of software consultation and technology solutions to the business world and our empire extends to various countries along the globe serving from large multinationals to small and midsize enterprises.

Our company aims to provide complete IT solutions in the field of Internet, e-commerce solutions and services, enterprise application integration, customized software development and resource provisioning. Our purpose is to help companies to be more successful through the use of information, systems and technology which our company provides.